Advanced Registry Doctor Pro

Advanced Registry Doctor Pro

Improves the speed and performance of your Windows operating system

Advanced Registry Doctor Pro was designed to help you maintain your computer in a good condition and improve the speed and performance of your Windows operating system.
The Windows Registry is a database that stores all of your configuration settings and options, and every application that you install on your computer adds some data to it or modifies this registry. Advanced Registry Doctor Pro takes care of this database by cleaning it from wrong entries, repairing the damaged or incorrect uninstall information, etc. All these uncorrected errors usually make your computer respond slower or to display different error messages while Windows loads applications.
Advanced Registry Doctor Pro has a user-friendly interface and it’s intuitive for every user. Depending on your preferences, it can perform a quick scan, a smart-scan (which takes a little bit longer) or lets you choose which test to run. After finishing scanning, the application will show all errors found into specific categories. Once you click on the category, the errors will be displayed separately in order to allow the viewing of additional details. At a push of a button it will fix or delete the unnecessary registry entries.

The Advanced Registry Doctor Pro offers a feature called “Start-up Wizard”, where you can select which applications should be launched at Windows startup. The most interesting thing about this application is that it can perform a series of tweaks that will improve the speed and enhance the performance of your computer. For safety reasons I recommend that you use the system and registry backup features before fixing the errors, in case you have to roll back all changes.
Advanced Registry Doctor Pro is a resourceful utility for every Windows user who wants to keep the system clean and free of unwanted errors generated by registry conflicts.

Mario Procione
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  • Built-in scheduler
  • Undo function


  • Repairs just 40% (maximum) of the found registry errors in the unregistered version
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